Quebec Food Tour – Trendy Culinary Choice for Modern Gourmets

Quebec City is an attractive summer venue for the young and old travelers all over the world to gather in a happy manner. Know that Quebec City was inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage site in 1985. The city is antique, clean, magnificent, and captivating. It is also the happy city when people feel lucky and grateful to enjoy the appetizing Quebec food and drink, so do you – the culinary guests. Quebec food tours to Canada sounds appealing food drink

About Quebec City Food Tour

The city food tour is one of the top things to do when getting to Quebec. This activity is mentioned in the list of the Quebec’s unique traits. Designed for those that admire the national cuisine, this city tour is likely to include the stopovers of some leading restaurants, shops, and culinary events. Provided that you are unsure what to do and where to see, then the food journey with a reliable travel agent ensures you to pinpoint the best out of the site. Become goers in the bustling city, are you ready for the trips for the foodies?

Then, know that this tour includes an exciting mixture of culinary discovery and cultural experience! The itinerary often includes 6 local stops in the most diverse neighborhood of Quebec which is St-Roch. Walking along the street allows you to see the animated and variable foodie sceneries. You might find it hard to resist tasting the tasty bites, tea, and craft beer. As usual, the tour serves you the hearty and enjoyable lunch. If you are in St-Roch, some other great things to do are to discover the European architecture in some century-old buildings and listen to the local anecdotes as well as the St-Roch mysteries.

The Quebec City Food Tour Review says this is an authentic experience for you to taste Quebec’s iconic food and drink, visit the outstanding culinary sites instead of wandering with no targets. You can expect to be taken to the less crowded streets of the city so that the experience becomes smooth and uninterrupted.

Where to Go for Small-group Quebec City Food Tour

quebec food tourFirst, savor food at Le Restaurant La Planque in Limoilou. This is an excellent recommendation for the new guests who want something symbolic and special. La Planque offers the mouth-watering dishes and the energy-boosting drinks. Made from the high-quality and known ingredients, the food here deserves praises while the staff is very friendly and supportive.

Second, come to Le Sacrilege to experience what is called wine tasting Quebec City. Believe us; you have arrived at the right place which is one of the leading pubs in the town. Besides wine, the pub has the rich resources of beer for the night visitors to cheer up after the sunset. In the charming space, people become friendly to each other. The locals are ready to drink together with you, tell you some stories, and make friends. The interesting wind-down way in Le Sacrilege is what locals do.

Third, proceed to Le Cercle if you are fond of the local tasty food, shows or live entertainment. Without a doubt, Le Cercle is a must to experience during the Quebec City walking tours as the attraction is very attractive if you are standing in the St-Roch neighborhood. You can notice that this is the trendy venue for the young gourmets who come for both the show and the authentic Canadian food.

Fourth, experience Broue Tours Quebec city right in Restaurant Quebec Broue. The eye-catching joint serves the delicious food. It offers the fantastic combination of cuisine and culture in an inspiring setting.

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