Seaplane Hanoi to Halong Bay Premium Service for Scenic Flying

Flying above 180km land distance, the seaplane Hanoi to Halong Bay cuts the travel time to only 45 minutes, along with the bonus of the stunning bird’s-eye view. More than 1.000 gorgeous islands offer the breathtaking close-up view that only the seaplane can take you close enough to enjoy to the fullest. And, it is the thrilling water take-off and landing that amazes all passengers.

Seaplane to Halong Bay

Seaplane to Halong Bay

Introduction to Seaplane Halong Bay

Among the four best ways to travel to Halong Bay, including seaplane, helicopter, local coach, and tourist bus (shuttle bus), the seaplane seems to be the best channel that is most convenient, time-saving, and scenic. The first Seaplane Halong Bay package was provided by Hai Au Aviation in 2014, via Cessna Grand Caravan 208B – EX amphibian airplanes. The agent’s service includes the scheduled flights, sightseeing flights, and charter flights which are all attractive. The top highlights of this air transfer are the 45-minute flight from Hanoi to Halong, the 15-minute bird’s-eye sightseeing above the majestic Bay, and the exciting water take-off/landing.

Start checking-in Halong Seaplane from Noi Bai Airport, Hanoi

The Hai Au Aviation’s seaplane packages are sold like other commercial flights. Hence, guests can find the dedicated seaplane check-in counter in Noi Bai Airport. And even before the actual visit to the Hai Au Aviation counter, it’s better to make a reservation in advance by phoning the agent or booking online on their official website. The air transfer duration is 45 minutes from Hanoi to Tuan Chau Marina where to board the Halong cruises/junks or the private Viet yachts.

It’s your call to book the scheduled seaplane flight which saves the travel time and offers the complete comfort. Before departing, you can wait in the dedicated VIP room and enjoy the great customer service in the airport. Know that the Cessna Grand Caravan can carry 12 passengers, and each is allowed 7kg luggage. Usually, the round-trip ticket saves your dollars better than the one-way ticket. Also, the seaplane cost is lower than the helicopter one.

And with the private charter seaplane flights to Halong, you can decide how to fly, with who you love, and anytime you’re ready. The luxury and privacy, however, demand the high cost of thousands of US dollars. So, this expensive option is only for the rich who are willing to pay for the premium services that they deserve. The charter flights offer the dedicated crew who is there just for you.

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Panoramic view over Halong Bay fromseaplane window

Panoramic view over Halong Bay fromseaplane window

Wing over the Stunning Halong Bay with Seaplane

By taking a seaplane flight to Halong Bay, you are showered with the bird’s-eye view as well as the “wings” of the birds to fly over the emerald sea, approach the spectacular islets, and land on the water. It seems that no other means of transport can offer such great services like the seaplane, with the exciting water take-off and water landing. Also, the close-up view from the top is incomparable, especially when we’re saying about the legendary “Bay of the Descending Dragon.” There are around 1.600 islets that make up the perfect picture of Nature to contemplate, take pictures, and record videos during the 45-minute flight.

On the 12-seat Cessna Caravan, you are welcomed and assisted by the professional captain and co-pilots who speak English fluently and are present to handle all travel issues. Lots of pleasant memories will be built up, and perhaps, the cross-cultural communications can bring friendship. The seaplane is also equipped with the complimentary Wi-Fi for passengers to upload pictures and videos in real time.

The incredible seaplane flight from Hanoi to Halong is definitely a great alternative to the 2-hour bus drive on the Expressway. It offers the distinctive, rewarding, and scenic flying experiences that you enjoy the transfer to the Bay with the full excitement.

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