Cuba cuisine is worth discovering

Cuba is an archipelago located in the Caribbean, where has diversified cultures including the culture of indigenous, Spanish colonial immigrant and a former African slaves. Thus, Cuba cuisine is a wonderful mix of Cuban cooking, processing techniques using Spanish style with some influence on the scent of Caribbean cuisine’s spices. A small proportion of people from China, who lives in Havana also contributed to the complex flavors of Cuban cuisine.

With conditions and tropical weather, seafood and fruits is always an important ingredient of the Cuban diet. A meal of traditional Cuban will be served at the same time. Here is the signature dish of Cuban cuisine that you should try at least once time when you arrive there.

Paella Habana

cuba paella habanaPaella Habana is kind of a bit flabby rice with a little flavor of turmeric. It is cooked with a kind of Cuban seafood, oyster, squid, and shrimp. Paella Habana attracts customer by the color of the decorative vegetables, accompanied by the slight sweetness of the seafood smell and turmeric. If you have had an opportunity to try on “Cơm hến” which is the traditional dish in Hue-Vietnam, you will have the same taste as Paella Habana with flabby rice and seafood. You certainly gain the wonderful experience in foodie tour to Cuba.


cuba tamalesTamales dish of Cuba is not identical to Mexican tamales that are also made from corn grinding, corn flour, shortening and ground pork. Temales is wrapped in corn leaves, tied back, and then boiled with salt water. A similar dish with raw Tamales is en cazuela which is not packed in corn leaves but cooked in the jar. Tamales and Black Bean Soup is one of the rare traditional dishes are still popular in modern cuisine of Cuba.

Ropa Vieja

cuba ropa viejaCuba also had a strange beef dish so-called Ropa Vieja, including shredded beef which is cooked with tomato sauce until overdone. Ropa Vieja in Spanish means “old clothes”, because after cooking, beef is very tender and the shredded meat looks like the old cloth. In addition, there is beef which is mixed between hot-dog and eggs. It is baked in the oven. What is more wonderful if Ropa vieja is served with soft bread? For the traveler joining in cuisine tour to Cuba, Ropa vieja is the special dish that you cannot miss.

Click here to see how to cook Ropa Vieja !

Cuba Sandwich

cuba sandwichCuban Sandwich is a traditional dish of Cuba, also known as Mixed Sandwich because the material inside can be varied and up to each region’s appetite and characteristics. This dish includes pork sandwiches, casseroles or chicken, cheese and mojo sauce.

Cuba Sandwich should be served with fries potatoes and salad. Enjoy this dish is indispensable a Mojito cocktail. This drink is a great blend between Rhum wine and lemon soda with mint sugar makes a fascinating flavor. In addition, with a Cuba Sandwich and a cup of Mojito cocktail, you possess a fantastic tour to discover Cuba without worrying about your stomach.


cuba plantainsOne of the main dishes in Cuba is plantains banana (a thick crust banana). It is better if this kind of banana is roasted or steamed. You can feel the wonderful taste of this Cuban traditional food.

Mojito cocktail

cuba mojito cocktailCocktail Mojito cocktail is an interesting and popular drink in Cuba. This drink is a great blend between Rhum wine and lemon sodas with mint sugar flavors make it fascinating. A cup of Mojito cocktail can make your summer become marvelous.

Cuba is a country where has the unique and diversified cuisine. For the tourist traveling here, you do not only try on any wonderful Cuban dishes, but you also gain the chance to discover the culture of foodie tour here.

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