Brazil Cuisine, A Culture Is Worth Discovering

Mention to Brazil, people tend to think of a samba or football team. However, Brazil’s cuisine also has many excellent features that you should try at least once when you travel to this country.

Brazilian cuisine is clearly mixed between cultures in Europe and Africa. Each region of the country reflects many elements that were imported from different continents. Just look at the ingredients, we can find a mix of many cultures cuisine with local eating habits. The authentic Brazilian cuisine mainly revolves around the key ingredients such as cassava, guarana, acai, and tacaca cumaru. However, the wave of immigration in history brought to Brazil cuisine the typical dishes of other regions, gradually added to traditional materials on the new definition.

The structure of the Brazilian diet is generally the same. It focuses on feeding schedule which is separated into several meals a day. Normally, Brazilians can take 6 meals a day: breakfast – lunch – dinner accompanied three extra meals. To enjoy breakfast, the Brazilian starts with the main meal which is so-called café-da-manha incredibly sumptuous coffee, bolos bread, meat, sausage, cheese, vegetables, fruit. Then lanche-da-Manha, it is considered as hybrid rai snacks to eat during lunch time to wait, including light snacks such as nuts, crackers, fruit, fruit juice.

A typical diet has consistency among parts in Brazil that no matter how is influenced by culture of other religions, cooking habits tend to develop the same amount of protein than starch. However, despite the few vegetarian dishes, but culinary traditions of Brazil still owns a certain amount of unique vegetarian dishes such as soybean cake, or Pão de Queijo cheese bread for people under the regime of vegetarian diet without milk.

Think of culinary in Brazil, here are the delicious dishes of Brazil that you should have tried at least one time when you step into Brazil.

  1. Vatapa is prominent specialty of northern Brazil, which is made from bread, shrimp, coconut milk, peanuts, palm oil and puree cooked as a curry. This dish can be eaten with rice or alone.
  2. brazilian-dish-vatapaAcaraje is another street snack which is affected by africa cuisine. White or black beans are peeled, crushed. Inner cores are made ​​from shrimp with oil and vinegar, then fried in palm oil. This cake is very popular in Brazil formulas. It can be accompanied with salad made ​​from tomato, chili and fried shrimp.
  3. Churrasco stands for a form of skewered (similar to Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile) originated in southern Brazil. This dish is actually the churrasqueira including various meats. It is different from countries such as Argentina or Uruguay, Brazil skewer is not cooked on the stove but directly over the coals.
  4. Pão de Queijo: Small cheese bread, fragrant and juicy is often eaten at breakfast. It has the same size as the cake donuts in Vietnam. It is made from cassava flour (tapioca) and slightly salty taste of the cheese characteristics.brazilian-dish-pao-de-Queijo
  5. Moqueca: This is the typical dish of Bahia, northern Brazil, including coconut milk, tomatoes, onion, garlic, coriander, palm oil, which is cooked for a long hours in a clay pot. This dish is served with meat or fish for shrimp, small sharks.
  6. Feijoada: Traditional Brazilian dishes include bacon, ham, ribs, sausage and beef stewed with black beans. Some various versions also have kale, potatoes, carrots, cabbage and pumpkin.brazilian-dish-feijoada
  7. Pastel de nata: This food helps you reminding history, while Brazil is invaded by Portuguese and turned into colonies. This is the cake Portuguese-style egg, the cinnamon and sugar according to the Brazilian version.
  8. Churrasco: Mentioned to Brazilian food, you cannot miss this Brazilian Barbecue. Referring to the baking dish, you cannot miss Churrasco – a Portuguese word meaning similar barbecue in English. Churrascocan bepigs,cows, chickens, sheep…grilledona charcoal fire.brazilian-dish-churrasco
  9. Bolinhos de bacalhau: This is a fried-fish-finger (usually cod), when you serve with a litte extra lemon juice, you will have a tasty snack for the evening.
  10. Bobo de camarao: The Brazilian seems to like eating cassava (tapioca) as this is a dish using cassava as a raw material mixture paste soup, cooked with coconut milk, stir-fried shrimp and spice. This dish is often served with rice.

What is more exciting than joining in culinary tour to Brazil? For the tourists coming here, foodie tour to Brazil is also the way for them to understand the diversified culture of this country.  You certainly gain the wonderful opportunity to discover the unique Brazil cuisine through trying on one of ten above tasty dishes.

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