Best One-Day Culinary Tour To Vietnam

The foodies all love going on the Culinary Tours, which are dedicated to the most delicious dishes and local specialties. With the passion for Vietnamese charm and cuisine, you can experience the One-Day Culinary Tour to the four eminent destinations: Ha Noi, Hoi An, Hue, and Ho Chi Minh City. 

#1: Hanoi Food Tour

hanoi food tour

The one-day Culinary Tour to Hanoi lets you savor the authentic foods of the capital. The cooking class gives you the valuable hands-on experience in making the Hanoi foods. This short culinary trip features the market visit in the morning and the gentle walk through the Hanoi Old Quarter. These activities allow you to get immersed in the traditional atmosphere.

Just take Pho Bo (noodle served with beef) for your breakfast! Along the walk, you also find some authentic food options such as Banh Cuon (the steam rice pancake rolled with mushroom and minced pork), and Bun Cha (the exclusive noodle served with barbecue pork). During the cooking class, you learn how to make traditional Hanoi dishes like fried meat rolls, the mixed salad, and steamed fish with dill. Also, listen to the Vietnamese cooking techniques, Hanoi gastronomy, herbs and spices! 

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#2: Hoi An Culinary Tour

hoian cooking class

On the UNESCO status, Hoi An pleases the foodies who are keen on walking along the narrow and old-style streets. The morning fish market helps you see how the local fishermen work in the lively and busy atmosphere while the short visit to Tra Que Herb Village and cooking class in Morning Glory, for instance, shower you with the hands-on knowledge. Besides, the cyclo trip or cruise journey in Hanoi is exciting.

In the one-day Hoi An Food Tour, the foodies get chances to relish the local dishes in both restaurants and on the streets. After the class, you should enjoy what you have cooked. Also, the copies of the recipes are given addressing some popular dishes like BBQ chicken & lime leaves, mango salad with prawns, cabbage leaf parcels shrimp mousse in broth, etc.

#3: Hue Culinary Tour

hue culinary tourThe Hue cuisine is famous for its authentic and delicate taste rooted from the royal influence. As the former capital of the last dynasty in Vietnam, Hue provides the gourmets with many opportunities to experience the local Dong Ba market as well as the cooking class in the family-run restaurants.

In the collection of Vietnam Food Tours, the one-day Hue tour takes you to the bustling market in the morning to buy the local foods and witness the daily life activities. You can also relish the popular noodle called Bun Bo Hue. Besides, the cyclo trip to Trang Tien Bridge, Dong Ba Market, Hue Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda, local shops, etc., is worth experiencing. Especially, the cooking class teaches you how to cook the Hue foods such as the spring roll, grilled beef, pancake, banana flower salad, etc.

#4: Saigon Cooking Tour

saigon vietnamese food

Saigon cuisine is fresh, diverse, and delicious with the use of many herbs and vegetables. The majority of cooking materials comes from Mekong Delta – the most fertile land in Vietnam. The one-day Saigon Culinary Tour authentically takes you to the finest cooking centers and enjoys the famous foods.

A short trip to Ben Thanh Market before the class lets you buy the fresh meat, seafood, fruit, and vegetable. Even the inexperienced students can practice cooking the tasty dishes such as salad, soup, braised fish or pork. You will surely love this culinary experience.

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