Chance To Discover The Wonderful Chilean Gastronomy

Located along a stretch between the Andes mountains and the Pacific and belongs to South American, Chile is shaped as a chilly and well known as an attractive destination for the tourists. Somehow because of its remarkable characteristic, trying the gastronomy of Chile always leaves illustrious impression. The combination of the characteristics of European cuisine, which is deeply affected by the Spanish, and the traditional taste of the native Indians will absolutely not let you down. What is more wonderful if you can have many opportunities to discover Chile cuisine through joining in foodie tour to Chile.

Pastel de Choclo


This delicious and typical stew of Chile is a popular lunch dish in the summer and traditionally, Pastel de choclo is usually served in a bowl made ​​of ceramic, called “Paila”. Human meat is coated with a layer of crust of sweet corn (choclo) and cornstarch. The principal ingredients are often a mixture of chicken or beef, raisins, black olives, onions or sliced ​​boiled eggs.

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Humitas Cake


Humitas, maize-cake with a little spice is the favorite cake of Chileans. Humitas cake is made ​​from fresh maize, onions, basil, salt, pepper, butter or lard. Humitas is wrapped by maize-leaf, then baked or boiled. This cake can include green chili. Cake can be processed salty, sweet, sour or sweet, are eaten with sugar, pepper, salt, tomatoes, olives and chili powder. Like Pastel de Choclo, Humitas cake is eaten in the summer.

Porotos Granados


Served specially also in the summer like most other dishes made ​​with other corn, Porotos Granados is a stewed beans including white beans, corn (Choclo), vegetables and basil. Normally, sausages are not a bad choice for people who want a nutritious and tasty meal.

Cazuela Soup


Cazuela soup is a national dish of Chile. Many types of meat and vegetables are cooked as a paste with very little water but taste sweet. One of the most popular ways to cook Cazuela soup is using chicken or beef, but there are also some of them made ​​from pork and turkey.

In Chile, Cazuela is cooked in a clay pot with a mix of meat, potatoes, pumpkin and boil all of them joint to form of a very special dish as distilled water soup. Typically, rice (in soup), small pasta, green beans, celery, sliced ​​carrots, garlic, or cabbage are indispensable ingredient to have a perfect soup.

In summer, the soup is accompanied with a sweet piece of corn and can be cooked separately or with broth. The soup can be prepared in many many ways, depending on the personal preference of each person.

You have to take a note that Cazuela soup is usually served first, then the meat and larger vegetables (such as potatoes, squash or large piece of carrot) shall be eaten last. Nonetheless, the large slices of meat and vegetables can be sliced ​​in broth and can eat together with soup at the same time.

Parrillada BBQ


If you are a big fan of BBQ and never be afraid of getting fat, participating the culinary tour to Chile is really a smart choice. You certainly gain the chance to try on the famous Parrillada is a special dish which cannot miss in Chilean gastronomy. Meat is an important part of the culture of Chile, that’s the reason why Parrillada is considered as an essential part of classical meal of this country. Parrillada BBQ is a choice of meats, sausages and grilled on charcoal sometimes gut and normally is served with potato salad or rice.



Completo is one of the famous national dishes of Chile. This is one kind of hotdog which is often served with spices such as tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, mustard, mayonnaise, pickles, sauerkraut, avocado, and various types amesricaine sauce, Chile chili and cheese. The size of Completo can be double the American hotdog.

Absolutely, join in culinary tour to Chile is the best chance for tourist to enjoy not only this country’s famous wine but also Chilean dish’s own characteristic. Most Chilean dishes are slightly lighter than the taste of almost people in other countries. Therefore, if you enjoy Chilean dish for the first time, you will feel really excited. This eating habit of Chileans seems to be very beneficial to health.

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