Boiled Duck Embryo – Exclusive Vietnamese Street Food

If you are looking for an exclusive Vietnamese street food, it is highly introduced an inspirational name of boiled duck embryo (it is called hot vit lon in Vietnamese). To the domestic gourmets, hot vit lon is the greatly tasteful food, but it turns to be a different story for the foreigners to be brave enough to try this specialty. According to almost any foreign gastronomers, they are afraid of eating the duck embryo even though it is boiled totally. Some guys share that it has taken them a year to get brave enough to consume the boiled duck embryo and then feel addictive to it. So, how about you? Everybody in Vietnam knows “hot vit lon” clearly and you will soon follow such a trend in the nearest future if you fall in love with Vietnamese culinary merits.

boiled duck embryo

Enjoy Boiled Duck Embryo and You Will See How It Is Special

The idea of consuming a partially developed egg seems to be highly appealing to nearly all domestic gastronomers. Nevertheless, the foreign connoisseurs have to think carefully about the values of virtue before trying it. Along the Vietnamese streets, it is extremely easy to find this kind of street food for the superior taste. Whether or not you are going on a Culinary Tour, don’t hesitate to savor “hot vit lon” at least once in a lifetime. Now, are you ready to get a boiled duck embryo?

When getting the egg which is placed in an egg holder, notice that it is served with a dish of salt and lime. If you don’t know how to start enjoying, follow this order: your first step is to use a spoon to hit the top of the egg and crack the shell. The purpose is to create a small hole in the top. Once a hole in the top of the egg is made, you should drink the juice since it is absolutely delicious and healthy.

If you receive a hot boiled duck embryo, be smart to drink the juice with a straw, which is clearly hilarious. After tasting the hard-boiled egg juice, gastronomers then make the hole bigger so that you can spoon out the inside components. The inside embryo looks like a chick with head, legs, and bones that are healthy enough to eat. Enjoy small bites with your spoon!

Street vendors sell “hot vit lon” with no formal signage; however, you can easily recognize their specialty with the common images of steamers where the eggs are kept. Besides, there exist some sellers that display the boiled duck embryo outside in order to attract the customers’ interest. It is taken for granted that this exclusive food tastes very special and mouth-watering.

You will even stay interested in both the juice and insides as well. To some foreigners, they feel more confident and even happier after enjoying the boiled duck embryo; they believe that they are super brave now. How great it is to finish your hot vit lon in front of your less brave friends! After all, if you are brave like many others who have already enjoyed this Vietnamese exclusive food, find a cart and give it a try soon!

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