Italy – Land of Remarkable Cuisine

It is lucky for anyone who has a chance to enjoy sightseeing and explore unique culture of Italy. If I have to choose what the most impressive thing is in Italy, I call it as culinary. The reason is simple. In spite of the fact that beautiful destinations or sexy and elegant Italian men may melt you for a while, it is savor of amazing dishes that seems to stay as ever in both your mouth and your mind.

Italian cuisine is famous for delicacy and artfulness. Each dish is a real artwork with a perfect mixture of cooking ingredients in taste and appearance although chefs usually do not use more than 10 ingredients. Some of their favorite cooking materials are cheese, cereal, olive oil and several kinds of herbs like rosemary, basil and many others

To remind you the great culinary land of Italy, I am recommending you some of the best dishes about which take many culinary professionals and people in all over the world lots of time to write.

1. Pasta

italia-pastaItaly is home of such many amazing kinds of pasta. The Italian loves this dish so that they create over 400 kinds of them. What an astonishing number! This classification depends on different shapes and sauce of each. On the other hand, they can divide them into 2 main kinds that are fresh and dry pasta. Although dry one is delicious and needs a short time to make, people prefer to get fresh one more. Enjoying fresh, endurable but soft noodle that are absorbed in luscious and colorful sauce that made from tomato, cheese ice cream or white wine and served with yellow lemon, olive oil and some herbs depending on different kinds  is so wonderful that it seems to wake up every sense in your tongue.

2. Risotto

italia-risottoThis dish has origin from the north of Italy with the main material is the rice named risotto that has natural sweet and savor. The four main ingredients in each bowl of risotto are dried vegetable, sauce of meat, additional taste and risotto. Specifically, sauce made from chicken, pork or beef and additional ones might used from mushroom, seafood, cheese, etc. However, the secret of risotto lying on some wine poured slowly and slowly on the top of risotto. By this way, chefs are able to keep the dish softer and more fragrant.

3. Chicken parmigiana

italia-chicken-parmigianaDespite of coming from the south of Italy, this dish is popular inside and outside this country. As its name, the main material is chicken but the most important material is parmesan, one kind of cheese that quite hard and dry. It is not difficult to make this dish so may home cook are able to have it by themselves. Chicken is covered in parmesans, breadcrumbs and sauce of tomato. Then this delicious mixture should be put into an oven. Eaters might serve it with cheese if needed.

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4. Panna Cotta

italia-panna-cottaLearning about Italian culinary culture which itself is so unique and diverse, you will be amazed all the time. Have you ever heard about some kind of ice cream cooked in high degree? It is Panna Cotta from Italy. People find many ways to make this dish but the best one is that cooked ice cream mixed with sugar and milk and some leaves of gelatin at the top. To increasing the flavor for Panna Cotta, people can have it and fruit, caramel or chocolate together. In the sunshine of summer or little wind of fall, enjoying a glass of Panna Cotta is an unforgettable memory.

5. Amaretto

italia-amarettoDrink of Italy is an interesting topic you should not forget to remind. Among famous drink such as wine, Sambuca or Limoncello, etc, the most outstanding one is Amaretto. This is a kind of wine extracted and blended from some different ingredients as peaches, cherry and apricot. The main one is almond. Amaretto is a perfect for either main drink or dessert.

Just by one reason of the amazing cuisine culture, Italy is deserved to be one of the charming land on earth. If you cannot book a ticket to Italy now, do not delay to go to an Italian restaurant to enjoy one great part of this country.

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