Travelling to France and Discovering French Culinary

France is a country where is famous for the subtle and rich culinary art all over the world. The French is very gourmet and seriously about eating. The French culinary is known by wines, cheeses and dishes such as snails and fat foie gras. Each region has its own taste uniqueness. Here are some suggestions for visitors not to be missed when visiting France.

French Foie Gras

French Foie Gras

1. French Wine

A traditional French meal can be lacked a bottle of wine. It is also a common spice in French cuisine, can be used in semi-processing or making extra bold flavor, especially for seafood. Like other European countries, the French consider the presence of wine as the peculiarity of French cuisine in a party. Each dish has a suitable own wine rather than using one type throughout meal.

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2. Fat foie gras

Arriving France, the dish tourists surely not to be missed is fat foie gras – a proud dish of French cuisine. Foie gras is served with jam or sweet sauce, enjoy with a glass of Sauterne white wine to turn up the delicious, fatty of liver. This dish is processed from the geese cared with special diet to maximize nutritional components in their liver. Fat foie gras is processed into pâté and presented in the menu of international standards restaurants in France. The gourmet call this dish fat foie gras is.

3. French cheese

France is considered the country’s largest cheese consumption in the world. In France, there are more than 500 types of cheese with many different flavors, mostly made from dairy cows, sheep and goats. Blue cheese of Roquefort region is renowned for pungent taste but quite addictive. Saint-Nectaire cheese is the oldest cheese, made from dairy cow of Auvergne region. Camembert cheese is tasted butterfat and aroma of fruit, covered by a layer of bread crumbs and salt meat, Chevre Chaud goat milk cheese gives diners classic taste but unique. In addition, there are many other types of cheese that tourists can enjoy, one time and unforgetable all life.

4. French dessert dish

The French are the master in pastries manufacturing with excellent flavor and quality as well various in brands. A world of pastries always ready to serve the needs of any customer: fruit cake, flan cake, chocolate cake, bread … It would be flawed if traveling to France but missing a wonderful desserts, it means that you lost a really great fullness meal. The sweetness of the dessert is the perfect end to the meal. French Dessert is usually fruit and chocolate. Fruits are processed into ice cream, cake, bread…

During the meal, the French often use knives, forks and almost no serving dishes by hand. The most remarkable thing is the way messy clean and chic in a meal, everything is carefully prepared from the casserole dish, drinking glass to each knife, fork. All that performances have been confirmed the unique feature’s cuisine of France where is dubbed as the cradle of European cuisine. Travel to France is the great opportunity to discover one of most famous culinary destinations of the world.

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